What Americans think of Climate Change

America on Climate Change

America on Climate Change – CO2 (c) Solar Feed

Following on from my recent post about what the Brits think about climate change – herewith the results of a poll assessing opinions from across the pond; specifically Generation X.

Just to clear up any confusion – Generation X does not in fact refer to a highly adaptable group of select yet persecuted individuals – merely US citizens between 32 and 52 years old.

The two most interesting tables are summarised below – and the full report, written by Jon D Miller at the University of Michigan, can be downloaded here.

Table 1: Concern and Sense of Understanding of Climate Issues: 2009,  2011.
Climate change issue
2009 2011
How closely do you follow climate change? Very closely 4% 2%
Moderately closely 18 14
Occassionally 32 33
Not closely 45 51
Level of Concern High concern (8-10) 23 22
Moderate (5-7) 39 42
Less concern (0-4) 38 37
Level of Issue Understanding Well informed (8-10) 16 11
Moderately informed (5-7) 42 47
Less informed (0-4) 42 42
Number of respondents each year 3074 2914
Table 2: The Attitudes of Generation X on Climate Issues, 2011
Agree                                                                          Disagree
0-1 2-3 4-5-6 7-8 9-10
If the present rate of coal and oil use continues, serious long-term and environmental damage will occur. 3% 6% 38% 27% 26%
We are already in the first stages of global warming and climate change 9 8 48 21 14
The primary human activity that causes global warmin is the burning of fossil fules such as coal and oii 7 8 52 22 11
In the next 20 years, the conversion of green plants into fuels will significantly reduced our dependence on gas and oil. 6 9 56 20 9
There is not enough scientific evidence to support claims that the Earth is getting warmer. 19 15 46 11 9
All tablulations are based on 2,924 responses.
*Individuals responding that they were not sure about any statement were assigned a value of 5 and placed in the middle group.

One response to “What Americans think of Climate Change

  1. Those statistics are unbelievable. The evidence of climate change fills our news, from record breaking floods to devastating droughts and here in Christchurch the last 2 winters have featured huge dumps of snow, the last was the earliest on record (early June) and the biggest in 50 years. The experts almost unanimously agree on the causes, yet people refuse to recognise the problem we’re all facing.

    My belief is that reality is too frightening for people to face, so they are denying what they see and probably know (at least subconsciously) in the desperate hope that their faith will change the laws of physics.

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