Where’s the BBC coverage of #EnergyGate?

Wind farm © AlamyAs I write, Greenpeace’s exposé of Tories involved in trying to sabotage the 2008 Climate Change Act, in what’s now being labelled #EnergyGate,  is spreading across Twitter.

A piece of brilliant under-cover reporting from Greenpeace, the short video (link here), makes compulsive viewing. Election rigging, smarmy Tories and the Liberal Democrats being bashed to boot – what more could you ask for from two men with a hidden microphone and a wish for wind power.

Well apparently, some more. Because, as I watched the BBC ten o’clock news on Wednesday evening – there wasn’t a whisper nor whimper of this breaking plot line. Instead we were watching tales of American generals and their mistresses and Abu Qatada in blcak vans.

The story was the same the day after, during Thursday’s Question Time (#BBCQT). Sure, the Corby election came up – we were even treated to a UKIP-Lib Dem play off over rankings. But NOTHING was said about this important aside. Instead, the programme swiftly moved on, with Dimblebot presiding over Nigel Farrage, European Human Rights and PCC elections.

All very important I grant you – but not to the exclusion of footage of Chris Heat0n-Harris MP pleading in hushed tones to the undercover reporters: “Please don’t tell anyone, ever.”…


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