Be Humble: From Drawing to Writing to Environmentalism

So, the latest season of drawing classes started up again today. And  a lesson was learned: truth is in the details; don’t get cocky with on outline.

As we entered the classroom, I was all smiles, looking upon an orchid posing with elegance and grace. But by the end –  I was wretched and smudged darkly with graphite.

The drawing had not gone well – as you can see below. The reason? After an initially successful sketch, I assumed I’d understood the lay of the plant. Too confident, too early – I turned to tone. Leaning heavily with my 9B, I scarred my page with bold black lines.

Before I’d investigated the subtle tones and details of the object as a whole, I thought I’d understood and had tried to make things black and white. ‘And in doing so, I lost the truth of what I was seeing.

Sounds like a lesson for writing, environmentalism & life in general!

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2 responses to “Be Humble: From Drawing to Writing to Environmentalism

  1. You did really well. Judging from the photo’, that was an outrageously difficult assignment. Almost white against a dark background would test the best, especially when a pencil is the chosen medium. Great job 🙂

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