Listening & Emotion: A Better Way to Connect?

As part of the Conservation/Sustainability movement, I’m a bit tired of the way in which “we explain” to people why they should care about their environment.

I would like to start asking people why they value their environment. And I may be wrong, but I don’t think the answer will be ecosystem goods and services. 

I think many people may have much more of an emotional connection than we currently give credence. Nature gives us a sense of perspective, inspires awe, wonder and delights us aesthetically. Perhaps this is the most powerful way we can connect with one another about nature?

Walk in the Woods (c) -

Walk in the Woods (c) –

After all, we’re happy to join together in serving gods who give us emotional solace,  yet we currently seem only able to talk about how nature can serve us. 


One response to “Listening & Emotion: A Better Way to Connect?

  1. Hi Rosie
    I just discovered your blog and only had time to read this post, but really like the sentiment within it. There are often too many distractions that pull us away from appreciating our eco-systems, and we need the kick up the arse that your post gives us to open our eyes more.
    Keep up the good work!

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