All Talk, No Action – Me, Myself & I.

(c) www.iwastesomuchtime.comI’ve recently realised that while I talk the talk, I don’t always walk the walk of sustainability.

I spend all day working for an organisation exploring how we can fish sustainably; I spend many of my evenings thinking about how we can engage people in these issues, and furrowing my brow over why we’re not living a more engaged democracy at a time of environmental crisis. Yet the rather concerning truth is – I, personally, could do more – a lot more.

I love the chat, chew the fat and then fly to New York for a city break. I eat turkey for breakfast and have a penchant for ready-prepared tropical fruits – whose carbon footprint I’m sure is astronomical.

My personal carbon footrpint’s not too shabby – but much of this is due to passive circumstances rather than my own action. I don’t drive, as I can’t drive; I walk to work, but that’s powered by fat fears rather than eco-love; I live in a flat with an energy of rating is A, but that’s the way it came, not the way I made it.

Not to be too self-flagellating – I do make a few positive choices – I always carry a plastic bag around with me, and I make a point of buying fairtrade/organic/sustainable label wherever possible. I’m a member of the Green Party, Greenpeace and I always turn the tap off when I’m brushing my teeth.

But that’s about it!

So. A decision has been made. I have committed to doing at least two proactive things per week in order to “make a change”. Ghandi and all that. etc.

The first is a letter to Marks & Sparks regarding their delicious and I’ve no doubt nutritious “Nutty Super Wholefood Salad“. This is a salad I simply adore – I eat it for lunch five days a week – and last week, I had it for breakfast too.

But I’m guessing that the soya beans (in the soy sauce) may have come from somewhere suspect. My worse fears is that my love for vegetable protein is leading to the deforestation of some glorious prime rainforest. Moreover, I’ve recently read some troubling reports of how quinoa production is causing food security fears and poverty in South America.

Accordingly, I need to act.On consideration, I’ve decided to write an email to the lovely people at M&S. My plan is that this will, if nothing else, prove that some of their customers are concerned regarding the sustainable and ethical sourcing of their goods. Of course, I could avoid all doubt by trying to stop eating the salad altogether. But realistically, my will power is too weak, and I’d simply end up trying to suppress some well-placed guilt.

So the email’s sent off (screen shot attached), and I’ll let you know if they respond. In the meantime, I need to think of another action before next week. I’m sure there tons – so let me know if you think of any?

I want to take responsibility for the world I live in, but realise that I’ve been shirking my role in doing this, while trying to orchestrate others to take the path I haven’t yet travelled.

Time to talk less, do more.

Email to Marks & Sparks 2nd June 2013


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