Gossip & Morals

Image“Scandal is gossip made tedious by morality” wrote Oscar Wilde. Let’s hope we’re not stuck with gossip.

NHS care abuse, MPs lobbying, MPs’ expenses, tax evasion by multinationals – all reported scandals undermining the integrity of our society; all situations brought about by a lack of ethical guidance.

While law is important, we can’t rely on the legal limits to shape society’s behaviour. We need to individually & collectively act on a sense of right and wrong. But in light of current events, it seems that our society may lack moral fibre.

While I personally believe that atheism is “factually correct” – ethical leadership is sometimes difficult to pinpoint.

Of course, “morals” require a moral authority to ultimately decide “what’s good and what’s not”. And such authority is hard to accede to.

But if concord comes from the bottom up, it carries genuine, determinative weight. So perhaps we should investigate focusing some effort on collectively forming a global ethic? An ethic to guide us through the challenges of today and tomorrow, which are plenty and growing.


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