Hello hello. My name’s Rosie Magudia and I care about the environment, society and how we communicate about the simple things in a complex world.

Although I was born and bred in quiet Somerset, I now live in the very middle of London, where I’ve resided for over ten years.  My interest in food, farming and fishing is part heritage, part greed, and partly wanting-to-save-the-worldness.

I’ve been an avid greenie since I was young and read a book from our local library about recycling.  Since then I’ve studied biology and environmental economics at university, worked for a number of NGOs in communications and spent some time worrying about democracy. I’m now trying to learn more about ethics and values – what’s right and wrong, and how can leaders bring society with them in working for common good?

While I can’t always promise you complete factual accuracy, I serve up a hefty portion of enthusiasm. And all comments are invaluable – so let me know where I’ve gone wrong.

Happy reading,



3 responses to “About

  1. Hello rosie

    just saw your words on tilapia and you comparing the articles from the guardian etc – If you are interested in finding out more about tilapia and African aquaculture have a look at the SARNISSA african aquaculture networks site http://www.sarnissa.org – also up on Facebook – Interested to read your comments – theres a lot more behind African aquaculture devlopment than meets the eye Best wishes Will Leschen Inst of Aquaculture Univ of Stirling UK http://www.aqua.stir.ac.uk

  2. Glad you liked “all good things,” Rosie. Hope other quips fit your interests and/or concerns. Thanks and best to you and all your endeavors.

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